Wonders Of Yunnan Travel


Let's talk about vpn!

bucko (681 posts) • +2

Mine works fine (as always) Sorry, I will not post further info.

I will hint.... Don't be a cheap charlie- Pay for your VPN and see how that works for you.

hermit (48 posts) • 0

Sure, "they" have a kill switch to implement whenever they want..

I like it here; admire China very much.
Whatever "they" decide is up to them.
In a certain perspective, is VPN so vitally important?

We import our expectations from another time & place..

napav (26 posts) • -2

Disagree with bucko. Literally over dozens of free unlocked and unlimited VPNs for android fly under the GFW radar due to their novelty.

I won't list them here as certain schizo members may accuse me of conspiring in spam.

Privacy standards may come into question compared to mainstream VPNs. Best browse via Onion/Tor and search w/ DuckDuckGo if you're a political dissenter or engaged in darknet transactions.

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