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airport transportation

Ishmael (462 posts) • -1

In addition to the 919 buses & the underground, which stopped/stop a little after 10PM, there used to be a bus from the airport to Xiaoximen that ran very late. Is there now any public transportation at all from the airport around midnight or later? There's a cheap flight from Chiang Mai that arrives around midnight, but having to take a bloody cab at this end would make it considerably less attractive.

Liumingke1234 (3233 posts) • 0

My wife took a bus from the airport and it drop her off in the north. So there are buses that run late. I suggest you just ask the personal at the airport.

CindyLi (18 posts) • 0

Highly recommend Didi app's carpooling "shunfeng che" feature. Cuts regular Didi fares (already cheaper than taxis) by half or 2/3. Unfortunately, all in Chinese.

AlPage48 (1136 posts) • 0

Most of the 919 buses stopped running a few months ago, but the other bus service are those gold buses.

Last I heard they were about 25 RMB. Can anyone confirm that?

I've seen them at the exit from the arrivals lounge at 4:00 a.m. so they must run all night.

I still have no idea about routes, schedules and pickup/dropoff locations.

If anyone knows a link to a website for their service it would be helpful.

debaser (631 posts) • 0

The gold buses run 'until the last flight'. Know which line you need to take and to where before you go. The woman in the kiosk was rude and impatient last time I arrived there just before 1am. She sent me on the wrong bus route even though I asked for the destination in Chinese. Maybe she was bored and tired. Haha. Good luck! 25rmb, yes.

My advice, take the bus into the city or to as near to your destionation as you can get and then take a taxi or Didi from there if you need to.

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