how to make friends with English native foreigners

Ishmael (342 posts) • 0

Very similar to the way you'd make friends with anyone else. There's no special technique. Note that making friends requires a willingness on both sides, and you can only be one side. It also depends on what you mean by 'making friends'.

Not quite sure what you mean by 'English native foreigners' - do you simply mean people whose native language is English? If so, note that you are referring to people from many different countries, and of course their will be cultural differences to deal with, but I suggest you not make too big a deal about it - nobody's going to expect you to act just like an Indian, or an Australian, or a Canadian or whatever.

Napoleon (1176 posts) • 0

I think he means making friends with English people.

Buy them a round of drinks, offer them a cigarette and then comment about football or the weather to stimulate conversation.

That's it, youre one of their "Chinas"

Ishmael (342 posts) • 0

Well, I'm a native English speaker but I'm not English and I've made friends with English people, though I'm not quite sure how it came about - differently for different people, I think.

Liumingke1234 (3057 posts) • 0

He means 'English native speakers' I think. In my opinion the best way to make friends is by being where they hang out. Be friendly and smile and make small talk to see if they are receptive to your personality. Sometimes foreigners don't want to be bother with Chinese people that want free English exchange. It really depends on you. If you want to marry a Japanese girl/boy, you won't find one here, right? In the same way you need to actively be where the laowai's are and intermingle. Good Luck!

Napoleon (1176 posts) • 0

If he meant English native speakers he would have said "speakers" instead he said "foreigners". He wants English friends, god knows why though.

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