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Old Yunnan painting

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Peter stop pretending to be the eminence grise of all things related to Yunnan, you are clearly not. You are a mere embarrassment. Even Pepe the frog probably knows more about this place then you do.

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Well, cheers for that. This board has been infested with the stereotype english teacher sjw lefties - of the girly men type - and as u can see I dont get particularily well along with them. I apologize I took u for one. (Then theres the also our socialist “worker” who has never worked in his entire life, somehow barely managing it, just I leave my speculations out on that.)

So you must know the story of the american pilot that supposedly was the first western slave in Yi society on Cold Mountains.

Anything to share on that? Heard some people went in there to hunt that story in the 90’s.

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@ lemon...lover

It was meant that Pollards book (actually books) on Yi and Cold mountains are great reads.

That book in the link is the one Im not familiar with. If that would matter anyway...

Those days, Kunming was infested with botanists, explorers, missionaries, even artists and people seeking knowledge or spiritual endeavours. When one reads those books, it gives some perspective.

Even a famous englishman studying zen on Western Hills. Thats quite an achievement of an englishman.

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Am I the only one confused or simply too old to understand what hlo means?
Probably none of the below:

Rank Abbr. Meaning

Helicopter Landing Officer (offshore oil and gas industry)

High Level Outcome (various organizations)

High Lunar Orbit

Helicobacter-Like Organism

Hot-line Operator

Hispanic Latino Outreach (Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence; Los Angeles-based program)

Or did Palmoi03 describe Peter99 to be a Helicobacter-like organism.

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After reading all this garbage based around knocking down the OP,

I've realized that Peter has knowledge and something to offer in terms of local history here whilst those attacking him just sound like your typical, arrogant, opinionated, common, red or blue, western voter that left their country because it's rubbish now.

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You start off with an interesting point. It's true that on occasions when it suits his fancy, Peter99 displays erudition as well as something resembling civic-spiritedness. In fact, I believe I upvoted his initial post on this thread when it originally appeared.

But I don't think that's sufficient to negate the coarseness and douchiness he exhibits elsewhere. It seems more accurate to say that he has a curious Jekyll and Hyde act going on.

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