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Old-style cloth shoes

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Does anyone know where I can buy old-style cloth shoes - the ones with cloth, not plastic, soles. They're usually black with white soles. My current pair is wearing out fast. I bought them on the street but haven't seen them on sale anywhere lately. I realize they're out of fashion these days so any help appreciated.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +1

I think I have seen them in the local wet markets. There is often a corner where people sell clothes and other non food stuff.
Pretty sure I have seen them in our local market. Location, go down Dianch Lu, first set of lights south of Guangfu Lu straight across, then about 300m further turn right onto Zhengjiahe Lu. Go to the end, over the bridge then bear left and the entrance to the xiaoqu is on the right. The market snakes through the xiaoqu and the non foods are at the far end.

Also close to Metro south store, go down Huachen Lu to the end, there is a wholesale market on Yiya Lu, that seems to have a some traditional stuff.
Additionally, on Changhong Lu, about 4 big blocks south west of the metro station, on the south east side of the road, there is an old wholesale market neighborhood, that seems to sell every thing from snack foods to fire extinguishers, crockery to shopping bags (in bulk). Google maps shows a Bank of Communications 24 hr self service at the front centre of that xiaoqu. This might be a better choice if you live near a metro station.

hanshan (31 posts) • +1

for better quality buy on taobao. there is huge different quality between handmade one 300+y or more (depends on brand) and these 20-50y kinda smelly shoes. Of course best choice is order them by some a monk friend, then they will be the best quality for very cheap price.
(I walk a lot daily and wear this kind of shoes since 2006, so from my experience these cheap ones can be with me 1-2 months and almost all smell like hell. Better brand, usually order with discount 11/11 on Taobao, can wear 6-9 months, and not smelly at all

:D )

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