Chenggong Area?

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I am looking for updates on the Chenggong area. Most threads are a couple years old.
My family will be moving to KM, and that is an area we are considering.
I know the subway runs a bit toward the area, but I'm curious to whether Didi is operating in the area, or taxis?
Is it easy to get around?
Has it been built up the last couple of years, i.e. shopping, stores, parks, etc.
Ideally we would like to be close to the countryside or hills but not sure if that's realistic.

Any and all information greatly appreciated,
Thank you!

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Didi works best there. not many regular taxis around these days. it's quite spread out so depends on where you're going it's not thaaat easy to get around

there are two or three big shopping centers in different places... lots of huge parks.

tianshui jiayuan and shili jincheng residential areas are pretty close to the hills, and a short distance to the university town subway station. there are lots of new apartment buildings popping up as well in between university town and old chenggong/dounan area (a tiny bit closer to downtown)

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Can't think why anyone would voluntarily move to Chenggong. It's a boring high-rise dormitory town with an acute shortage of dormers.

You can see the mountains from almost everywhere in Kunming. At least come and take a look before deciding.

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Thanks King.
Cloud, I know, haha, have read that in the past.

As far as boring, that doesn't worry me too much, as I have a couple kids and don't do anything like I did when I was single,ha.

I want to do more than see mountains, I would really like to be very close to the hills just as one option to do with the kids.

Another option I was playing with, was moving next to a forest/park, etc.

I saw on the map ASEAN FOREST north of the university area.

Anyone familiar with this area and what it is?

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I lived in Chenggong in the past, and so I am not up to date, but it is pretty isolating. Think about practicalities like shopping and getting into town. Especially as you don't have a car. Chenggong is very spread out, you could be several KM from any kind of shop if you choose the wrong area.

The places that were established in the old threads are places I would consider strongly if I had a family.
With a family I would consider if there is a supermarket like Carrefour or Walmart yet. Also living near a metro station helps.
Cycling is pretty safe, but you need to be careful crossing road junctions, the cars turning right are usually going too fast.

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Thanks Tiger.

My thoughts exactly re: living close to the metro and within a close distance to a Walmart or Carrefour.

Where I live now Walmart will deliver, but I suspect if one is too far that probably won't happen, and it's a great convenience obviously.

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You can get by fine in Kunming or Chenggong without Walmart or Carrefour. Rumor has it that they have a lot of things shipped in from overseas

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I don't know about the ASEAN Forest, but have heard good things about access to hiking in the hills in Chenggong.

You could also consider the area in Kunming proper that is north-northwest of Xiao Tun and Huangtupo. Good access the roads that run west out of the city. Quite a bit of nice forest, trails, little villages, etc. out that way. They are building a subway line that should be open within the year and will terminate at somewhere around, I think the English name is Joy City, 吾悦广场. It's closer to the core parts of the city, like Green Lake, downtown, Dianchi Lu, Beishiqu etc.

Also, the northern part of Kunming, like out toward the end of Longquan Lu has some decent countryside access.

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Dan has good points. And it really is difficult to convey the true awfulness of Chenggong to someone who hasn't been there.

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I may have gotten the "asean" name wrong, but the area that I was thinking of was near the Chenrong station. Just north is a large park LuoLong and big lake, and a couple other parks west of the subway line near the govt center.

And I have found a Wal Mart just west of that staion, so that was one area we considered, close to lots of stores and shops, subway line, and still a few big parks.

But, further south at the University station, there are four big parks in a row and a few others very near, and as you mentioned, close to the countryside. Also not too far of a ride to Fuxian Lake, so that seems pretty nice.
I like that the Train Station is very close as well, just far from the airport.

North was a consideration, it would be close to the city center, but don't know if that is very important for us besides perhaps medical visits.

@cloud, I think "awfulness" is a bit subjective, hehe. Considering that there is a wal mart within distance, and they deliver (at least that's what they said when we called), and Shilin Street and shopping center there, albeit probably small, seems good enough for daily conveniences.

I think having to use a car to go almost anywhere will suck a bit, but I don't mind being out in the open areas too much, perhaps better air and not trapped among high rises, and probably won't being going clubbing or eating at foreign establishments so no biggie.
(BTW, heard that many foreign places closing recently??)

Even found a reggae bar out there, and perhaps a couple other bars near university town, although the former may be closed now, not sure.

One bright note, if one goes down to the last subway station, rent is very cheap, ha.

So we are still looking hard as we are moving very soon, dealing with agents kind of suck sometimes, especially trying to be close to Shilin Street area, but we will see.

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