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electric skateboards

Frangipani (1 post) • 0

hi all!
looking to buy an electrict skateboard, new or second hand, if there are any shops in kunming let me know.

ps: yes i know about taobao haha

Philou (208 posts) • 0

Don't think you'll find any in shops... I bought mine online, xiaomi youpin store. No way I'm selling it though. PM me if you want to try it!

michael2015 (706 posts) • 0

Check the TongDe Mall electronics stores on the higher floors. I vaguely recall seeing the electric powered skateboards, hover boards, etc.

To update this post, TongDe Mall.

1. 2nd floor Xiao Mi store has one of the Segway type movers without the high rise handlebar/steering thing.

2. 4th Floor across from the Mellower Cafe has electric powered scooters and the Segway-like movers with and without the high rise handle bar thing.

I did NOT see anything that resembled an electric skateboard - but didn't bother to go inside and look or ask, aside from the electric scooters (skateboard with handles?).

bilingualexpat (218 posts) • 0


Hover boards? Like the one in Back to the Future Marty McFly was being chased on?

I saw electric boards (ones that are grounded) at Carrefour near Nanping Pedestrian Street. They're on display by the smartphone section. Xiaomi electronics section is there as well.

WayneCaoAus (10 posts) • +1

If you are looking for second hand ones, try the app "闲鱼(XianYu)”, it's a platform like "Gumtree" where people offer personal used items for sale.
I've tried a search on electric skateboard(电子滑板), and there are a few listings based in KUNMING (from a few hundred rmb to 2-3k rmb), ones you can actually try before you make purchase.
Or if you don't mind there are hundreds of listings on electric skateboard available across the country, most of the people selling stuff on XianYu are trustworthy (look for the ones with high ZHIMA credit scores).
Just like michael and philou have mentioned, don't think you should expect to find any decent ones in shops, it's just not that popular in China, not in KUNMING at least.

bilingualexpat (218 posts) • +1


I guess OP wanted something more along the line of what Casey Neistat cruises around in NYC, not segways or hover boards. In which case, Carrefour won't carry them.


Yep, a few Booster boards on Xianyu 2nd hand market for 3,000 rmb. Pricey, but according TheVerge, it's the top of the line e-skateboards.

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