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Thai visa for foreigners in Kunming

vetimo (19 posts) • -1

The fact this Thai Visa thread veered off its tuk tuk axles, we've become as culpable as spammers & bots in pooping up the party lol... lets move.

Asanee (117 posts) • -1

Chinese trucks can't cross the Thai-Lao friendship bridge. They've never been able to, either (unlike private cars, which now need a tour since 2016). However, goods that are being transferred between Thailand and China usually on Thai-registered trucks as far as Boten on the Lao-China border cross regularly. For the average person, it doesn't make a difference but there is a change of trucks that takes place at the Lao-China border and there are companies that can offer such a service without you having to worry about the finer details like the country of registration of the truck.

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