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Thai visa for foreigners in Kunming

archii (7 posts) • 0

Hi! I'm traveling around Asia, now I'm in Kunming for a few weeks. After I gonna go to Laos and Thailand.
Does anybody know, if it is possible as foreigner to get a Thai tourist visa at the consulate in Kunming? I'm Swiss, have a Chinese tourist visa.

On the consulate page, I find only informations about visa for Chinese citizens and foreigners with residental permit.
Thanks for any informations!

archii (7 posts) • 0

thanks for your answer. actually I'm allowed to travel without visa for 30 days, but because I gonna stay more than 30 days I was thinking about apply for 60 days here, instead of doing the extension in Thailand.

So I can just go to the embassy by myself, I don't need a agency?

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

It was a few years ago, but the Thai consulate in Kunming would not issue visas except to Chinese passport holders. They also gave me some BS that i could get a two month visa at the airport in BK, apparently there is such a thing but nobody could issue me with one.

The upshot was that before 30 days I had to do a border run to get my visa renewed. This seemed to be the norm at the time. Even teachers who worked there had to do the border run every 30 days. On the plus side, there were lots of bus companies that did regular border runs. It can take a day out of your schedule, but you get to see more of the countryside. Alternatively, plan you itinerary so that you are near the border on day 29-30.

alienew (422 posts) • 0

I may have spoken too soon, thanks tiger. Am under the impression that some nationalities (US anyway) can now extend a 1-month visa-free entry by another month on the payment of 1900 Thai baht without leaving the country. But I think the best way to find out is to go to the Thai consulate and ask them.

DJIBILIROU TOGO (2 posts) • 0

hello Dear,
I am from Mali,currently in Kunming,next month I plan to go to thailand as tourist way,can I I apply for visa at kunming consulate?

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Royal Thai Consulate General

18/F, East Building, Shuncheng Twin Tower, Dongfeng Xi Lu
(0871) 63168916,63149296

I'm pretty sure you can but these are the people to ask.

Embassies and Consulates

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