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Any non-smoking restaurants?

12345 (102 posts) • +1

Opened after dinner, near Wenlin or anywhere.
After dinner it seems most restaurants around here are the place to go for a beer and a smoke.
Would prefer something quieter to a bustling KFC.
Thank you.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +2

The problem lies in the enforcement of the no smoking laws. My places have no smoking but for some reason the Chinese think it's merely a suggestion.

alienew (422 posts) • +2

Among western restaurants, the Cantina also has a no smoking policy which is adhered to, as does the inside part of The Park. They're both open later than the standard end of the dinner period, as is Sal's. No smoking at the Wicker Basket either, but I think they close around 8:30. Don't understand why you'd even consider a KFC after the dinner period, or at any period, except that you can eat their lousy chicken meals inside without being bothered by smoking.

michael2015 (732 posts) • +5

Salvador's LOFT - across from the main Salvadors is non-smoking. Also the Wicker Basket restaurants are all non-smoking (usually).

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +3

It good to know that more and more places follow the 'no smoking' trend.

CaeruleusCaeruleus (43 posts) • +2

I went to a vegetarian sichuan style restaurant the other night that I was surprised to find was non-smoking. Can't remember the location, but it might be common around vegetarian restaurants.

12345 (102 posts) • +2

thank you all.
the loft closes after dinner, unfortunately.
slice is a great idea. little out of the way, but great food and atmosphere.
i'll check out the other few as well.

haha there's a new article here on gk that links low iq to dirty air:


wonder if cig smoke has the same effect.
whatcha think, napoleon;)?

have a springful day, y'all.

ps: hit up slice. they smoke right outside open doors/windows, so it wafts in, but still better than if they were inside. smokers both days i went.

ps2: cantina very nice also. quiet. very nice boss, like slice. no outside smokers the rainy day i went.

update: went another, non-rainy day, bunch of smokers outside, including proprietress, few feet from open doors, so it might as well be a smoking restaurant.
mcdonalds is right around corner, upstairs quiet, good wifi, close 11pm, doors closed so smoke stays outside. but only usb chargeports, no electrical outlets.

ps3: cuihu doesn't allow wheels, so you'd have to hoof it to the Park and back. tried to schmooze up the guard, nice guy but no go. don't know if you'd wanna lock bike/moped up lakeside after dark.

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