Why are you decide to stay in kunming?

Nicepal (4 posts) • 0

Q1: Why are you decide to stay in kunming A1: Because our company Headquarters assigned me here and I got good pay for my work (RMB100k/mo) Q2: why are you decide to leave kunming A2: Because our task is already completed.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • -1

The question should be asked this way:
Why have you decided to stay in Kunming?
Why have you decided to leave Kunming?

alienew (422 posts) • +2

Am staying because I like it, been here awhile, am used to it, speak Chinese, have friends here, am tired of all the traveling, and I've got to live somewhere. Also because the weather's good, Yunnan is a border area, it is geographically and culturally diverse, I find border areas interesting for their diversity, and it's easy to go from here to nearby border areas in nearby countries.

Why have YOU decided to stay in, or to leave, Kunming?

Hendrik (1 post) • 0

I am not but I have heard, its very picturesque region.
My wife is Chinese and grew up in Jilin. However it gets around minus 20 degrees in winter - which I ain't liking much.
I am an English teacher without a BA and hope to find work in the Yunnan Province. Currently in Chiang Mai

bilingualexpat (218 posts) • +1

Just take an outdoor stroll...

Kunming's entire summer has been relatively cool, spared from record heatwaves or humidity plaguing other parts of the world. Thanks in part to the 10-14 degrees Celsius drop due to near 2km highland altitude of its Yungui Plateau (云贵高原).

Locals who seldom travel don't realize how lucky they have it in terms of their spring city clime.

Always miss returning to Kunming when traveling elsewhere.

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