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Forums > Living in Kunming > Naming your child

@BlueBird, let us apply your idea. Let us say his name is Jack Wong, Jack in Chinese is 插口, in pinyin is "Chakou", and there are no "Wong" in mandarin, the equivalent is "Huang". Therefore, your son equivalent English name in China is his Chinese name in pinyin.. which is Chakou Huang and not Jack Wong, but if she gave birth in Hong Kong, then Jack Wong is acceptable.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Meeting people

Hi Ashley, I agree with tigertiger. I strongly recommend to attend a Toastmaster gathering. Majority of the attendees are chinese and speaks well in English. Email me and lets attend a toastmaster event and I will introduce you to a Toastmaster division champ :-) [email protected]

Forums > Living in Kunming > Why are you decide to stay in kunming?

Q1: Why are you decide to stay in kunming A1: Because our company Headquarters assigned me here and I got good pay for my work (RMB100k/mo) Q2: why are you decide to leave kunming A2: Because our task is already completed.


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