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Foreigner children attend local primary school?

michael2015 (774 posts) • 0

@Janjal - she's "out of state"...We're thinking of transferring her hukou to Kunming - but I don't see any overwhelming advantage over her home province.

Probably easier to just move jobs than move hukou, as far as education is concerned.

JanJal (1202 posts) • +1


Yeah, I understand. For sake of migrant workers and their left-behind children, I hope the hukou restrictions ease in future.

For us foreigners with possiblities to relocate in and out of the country, the problems are less severe.

Breinhow (13 posts) • 0

You said, "it's the culture and behavior of the classmates, so watch carefully for signs of garbage behavior from your kids." What do you mean by garbage behavior?

Is this a bullying behavior or acting out behavior?
I believe that the Yunda school they said my children could attend is the one just Northwest of Green Lake, near Yi'eryi Street? What is a Yunda 'affiliated' school?

We were just told it is a school that faculty (my husband will be working at Yunnan University) children can go to.

Thank you for your insight!

michael2015 (774 posts) • 0

If your child is a normal happy communicative child - then sudden changes in personality, behavior, hygiene, speech patterns, falling or plummeting grades, etc. Typical child psychology signals or signs.

This can result from bullying or just hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Yunda is the university. All schools owned and or operated by Yunda are "affiliated" - as for what that precisely means - no clue.

And yes - Yunda operates a middle school (I think) in the proximity of the green lake campus. Not sure about the primary and definitely NOT the high school. I'm just looking into these issues now, also.

Feel free to PM (private email) at your discretion.

JanJal (1202 posts) • 0

Let's bring back another old thread, because time has passed.

Our son is turning 5 this spring, and apparently he gets to enter primary school in autumn next year - at 6 years old due to the cutting date in China being in autumn rather than end of year.

I'm looking for intelligence on what to expect in grades 1-2, primarily about education itself, and specifically reading and writing Chinese language.

This could be issue for us, because wife works weekday evenings and weekends in training school, and let's just say that I'm not qualified to help with Chinese homework.

My wife tells me to not to worry, because the recent crackdown in educations means grades 1-2 get no homework whatsoever, Chinese or otherwise.

Other side of the coin is that the same crackdown bans buying tutoring, should we need that.

I'm looking for recent experiences to confirm these things. Kid is treated as Chinese if that matters, and speaks the language fluently given his age.

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