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Their back!

Liumingke1234 (2839 posts) • 0

The vendors on the street where I live are back (North part). The one's that sell the 烧烤(shao1 kao3) and leave a disgusting layer of grease on the street and garbage the next day. What the hell! Also the merchants that sell stuff on the streets are back too. What happen to the 文明 campaign? Knew it wouldn't last. Too bad!

Alien (3819 posts) • +4

I'm usually happy about shaokao on the street - yeah, would be nice if they cleaned up afterwards, but...

michael2015 (528 posts) • 0

As expected, Kunming has scored the dubious distinction of once again failing the 文明 cultured city category, as the last city in the list keeping this program alive. On a positive note, the 文明 folks get to keep their jobs until the city finally gains this distinction.

Ocean (1053 posts) • 0

I never read a definitive pass/fail for Kunming's civilisation bid, Is the "fail" confirmed now?

redjon777 (497 posts) • +2

They're back on the pavements in the South to but one thing I do notice is that the drivers on the street are still a lot more civilised. They wait for people to cross on the street (green man) like during the campaign still, instead of trying to run us down video game style like before.

Ocean (1053 posts) • +1

If they all did, I'd agree. But some cars stop, some don't, most e-bikes don't and some pedestrians don't cross even when a car has stopped. Creates confusion and even less safety.

lemon lover (655 posts) • +2

The zebra crossing thing is not working. If you stop your car you are in serious risk of being back ended. Then you have to wait some 10 seconds before the pedestrians make a doubtful attempt to cross usually stopping in front of your car waiting for a gap in the other lane to appear because there cars of course don’t stop. Meanwhile a lot of honking will have started behind you and the cars behind you start to go around you.
Only when there are camera’s things are slightly better.

redjon777 (497 posts) • 0

@Ocean True, reading your post reminded me of the many confusing times on the crossings lol. Progress is progress still though.

Will the e-bikes ever change? I think not, they're more wild west style. Just as much with the foreigners riding them as well, I can count a few times they've just skimmed me on a crossing.

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