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staying in Kunming for the first time

Robyn (2 posts) • 0

Dont listen to anything any non vegan tells you! Veganism in China is a piece of super cheap but tasty cake!!!
Apart from meat groceries are super cheap.
I'm relocating to Kunming at about the same time as you from Shanghai so we can meet up if you like and find some cool suitable places to eat.
Good luck!

happygirl (20 posts) • 0

I am a vegetarian and I have seen lotsssss of tofu around, but I didn't see the other things you mentioned yet. Being vegan will be difficult but not impossible, there are lots of fruit and veggie markets around. I'm new here too though, so Maybe someone else can guide you About the other products you desire.

Virtue_94 (13 posts) • 0

Nice to hear from soms vegetarian/vegan people! :)

@Robyn, I will find it out soon, and I hope you're right:) And sounds nice to meet! I don't know my schedule yet, but maybe that I can pm you when I have more knowledge about it.

@Happygirl, normally there is no vegan yoghurt, but I'm planning to make it on my own. The rest will be a bit more difficult, but I'm already happy to hear that there will be tofu! Meanwhile, I hope your visit is going well!!

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

also lotsa fresh soy milk. a breakfast staple here. and other bean and pea products including liangfen, a bit like a savory jello made with pea powder, served cold with a spicy oil sauce

sbarella (105 posts) • +1

lots of vegetarian buffets around town (search the listings category, there are two in 北辰欣都龙城 in the north, at least one near 云大[...] and one near 莲花池). I have never seen any eggs or dairy products used in their dishes, but it might be a good idea to ask details about cooking methods and ingredients. I think Salvador's, As you Like and Slice of Heaven have vegan options on their menu. Tofu and soy milk are very easy to find.

AdwoaAbokoma (25 posts) • +2

I use "shared bikes" a lot, e.g. Mobike and Ofo which are very convenient. I order Yunan Shan Quan from 96133. It is a Nestle brand. I use APP Pleco and iTranslate without VPN.

There a several small shops selling organic vegetable and non-GMO Toufu in town. I visited several good vegan restaurants e.g. 蕙蘭心素食料理, 中农有机素食餐厅, 百合天心素食餐厅.

There is not much change on the climate but sometimes the PM2.5 can reach 150. 10 years ago my friend grew up in KM said when she was young the Panlong river was clean and winter was not so cold. It was a "Spring City".
I lived in KM in 2005 & 2006 and returned last year. The biggest change is that the area I lived ten years ago is full of buildings. Traditional street blocks were reconstructed such as the bird and flower market. I have not noticed any changes on socio-economic aspect. But I noticed there were more cameras installed in public areas in the past months. I recommend to read two articles about KM: 1. 春城昆明离凋零还有多远? 2. 昆明一座仍在做梦的城市. ([...]

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