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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for foam "mattress" shop

The price offered by online shops is normally cheaper and there will be discount during the Christmas time. The easiest way might be to find a friend with Chinese bank account to help to pay online. But you can try the product in shops. The shop is on the 3rd floor of 明波得胜店老明波家具城斜对面西市区马街镇石安公路旁的云安会都酒店旁边).

Forums > Food & Drink > cocoa powder

A charity organisation called Ciji 慈济 from Taiwan sells pure cocoa powder. I use it for bread baking. The address of the shop is: 昆明市人民中路39 傲城大厦 B 15209

Forums > Food & Drink > Yak Cheese

I bought Yak Cheese from an eco- agriculture products shop run by a social enterprise in Yunnanyinxiang 云南印象 Beishiqu 北市区. The quality is better than what I found in markets.




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