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A charity organisation called Ciji 慈济 from Taiwan sells pure cocoa powder. I use it for bread baking. The address of the shop is: 昆明市人民中路39 傲城大厦 B 15209

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I bought Yak Cheese from an eco- agriculture products shop run by a social enterprise in Yunnanyinxiang 云南印象 Beishiqu 北市区. The quality is better than what I found in markets.

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The government always talks about its determination to tackle environmental problems but it is difficult to seriously implement it under a system superior to corruption and nepotism. They are the major causes of inefficiency. In addition, many companies have relationships with local government which only care about GDP, the key factor to appraise the achievement of local officials. About 10 years ago, it was rumored that the company which managed the project of Dianchi pollution belonged to the daughter of a high official. If that was true, one could imagine how much of government investment went to the project and how much went to the personal account.




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