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Organic food delivery?

tigertigerathome (145 posts) • 0

Our source of organic produce has just stopped abruptly. We are looking for a supplier who does home delivery.

We used to get it from one of the agricultural universities, but they cannot sell anymore. No reason given.

Does anyone know a supplier of organic vegetables who delivers in Kunming? If you do, please let us know.

AlPage48 (1322 posts) • 0

There used to be an "organic" shop in our community.

In the window they had big photos of the fields - and of the aircraft spraying the crops, lol.

Faraz (1 post) • 0

At ‘Dali SOL Farms’ we offer overnight delivery of fresh, nutritious dense organic/pesticide-free foods/fruits to your home in Kunming & Lijiang. Contact me via ‘wechat’ with this number:13708663490

tigertigerathome (145 posts) • 0

@Faraz, I think something got lost in translation. I am looking for organic produce, not organic products.
Definition follows.
Produce is a generalized term for many farm-produced crops, including fruits and vegetables (grains, oats, etc. are also sometimes considered produce). More specifically, the term produce often implies that the products are fresh and generally in the same state as where and when they were harvested.

tigertigerathome (145 posts) • 0

No luck on the organic front. We are, where we can find them, buying direct from Yunnan farmers (or their reps). You really have to look for price. Some prices are 4x the price of other suppliers. We have been buying one thing, and then checking the quality. 50% of the time the quality is very good.

One advantage if it comes direct from the farm is that some harvest on demand, you order it and they dig it up.
Don't ask me for links, as my wife is still sorting stuff as we go, and it is hit and miss. Again, it is usually not organic.

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