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staying in Kunming for the first time

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • +3

You can't specify anything timewise in China, as you'll likely find out *soon* ;)

The station entrances have been built and are being finished, but it could be two weeks or six weeks. My guess is more like six weeks. Anyways, the bus system is fine, and if you need to see where the actual subway stops are for research purposes, they are clearly visible now.

Virtue_94 (13 posts) • 0

Thanks for all the replies! I know I'm may be worrying too much, but it's my first time I go to China and my professors did warn me that it could be difficult (especially about the toilets!). But I will try too have some more trust :) This thread is already a good beginning!

Dazzer (2807 posts) • +2

i have no reason to believe that fruit and veg from the supermarket is safer. it will be industrially grown without the safeguards of usa or euro agriculture. the food in local markets you can find stuff obviosly from small growers, small, ugly, and not in plastic sacks, sold by people with dirt under their nails. you still must wash it thouroughly

Virtue_94 (13 posts) • 0

You've definitely got some important points there!! Thanks for telling and reminding me of that!

By the way, I have a last question. Is there a good translation app for English-Chinese? I would now use google translate, but may be that there exist a better app?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +5

The free Google Translate APP is now available from the Apple store in China without a VPN. I don't know if this is a China market version, or just the regular Google translate. It is complete with photo character recognition, and does not need a VPN to use it.
The other translator I have found useful is PLECO the free version is more of a dictionary. There were more functions on the free Android version, than the Apple version, in the past; not sure about now.

michael2015 (670 posts) • +2

Thanks much for that updated info.

FYI - if you download the google app, don't forget to also download the offline dictionary(ies).

Baidu charges for their offline dictionaries, so happy to finally get google's free stuff again!

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