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Best burgers that aren't FuBar?

SunnyWK (15 posts) • 0

FuBar can't remember to buy bread or ketchup for their burgers so I'm looking for a place that can at least get that right.

The forums don't seem to have any current recommendations.


SunnyWK (15 posts) • 0

I was disappointed that they advertise an event for which they can't remember to buy the ingredients for. That post got deleted it would seem. I don't know why.

That said. Who does have decent burgers in town?

SunnyWK (15 posts) • 0

I've been meaning to check out The Park; I'll do that. Salvador's seems passable. I like the fries.

Xiefei (533 posts) • +1

Salvadors has an awesome jalapeno bacon cheeseburger. They have a few others, but that one is awesome.

I would also recommend O'Reilly's. They recently redid a lot of their menu. I really liked the burger last time. Moved me to write a review for the first time in years.

SunnyWK (15 posts) • 0

@xiefei I saw that review! That burgers sounds amazing. Do you know if the burgers are as good at all their locations or just that one?

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • +1

Maybe not the greatest burger in town, but not that expensive either. Wicker Basket Big Burger (Da hanbao). Bacon and Cheese burger, with fries, and some salad; for (if memory serves) 30 rmb. Definitely hits the spot.

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