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Possibility of H1N1 (SWINE / PIG) FLU in Kunming...

LaidbackBen (6 posts) • 0

So, I was reading the paper this morning and it turns out that the same fellow who caused a minor out-break in Hong Kong also shared a flight with six Yunnanese residents. My friend who translated it said that all six people who shared the flight with the man with H1N1 from Mexico City to Shanghai transferred to Kunming Airport. It was also published that the same six people have been quarantined.

Just a heads up: If I were you, I would go out and buy some breathing masks (Koujao). I have three right next to me, and if I ever hop on a bus, I'll be wearing one for sure.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

There is very little chance of stopping this thing anyway so it's probably going to infect hundreds of million of people all over the world and especially in China where people live so close and personal space is non existant. The good thing is that the strain seems not to be as lethal as predicted. Now where can I fend a doctor who I can bribe to prescribe me some Tamiflu,,

tanfei (25 posts) • 0

no link to the news article? i've searched on the net and couldn't find anything similar... but i was wondering if the entire plane had immediately transferred to HK or if some passengers got off inside the mainland. although the difference is only slight: it would be just as easy for all the passengers who DID move on to HK to transmit it into the mainland.

not fear-mongering, (not yet at least); i'm just bored and interested in pandemics.

LaidbackBen (6 posts) • 0

To tanfei, it was in yesterday morning's newspaper. I don't know the name, as I can only recognize 130 han zi and it was all in Chinese.

Priscilla (2 posts) • 0

Oh My God! I am in Hong Kong now and feel worried about the first H1N1 patient here. Hope to back to Kunming as soon as possible! Don't worried about the news, I also read it and it just said they caught the passengers of the flight which the first H1N1 patient taken. The government will keep apart them. I'm a local Kunming girl who study in Hong Kong University and will back home soon. Enjoy yourself in my hometown! :)

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Rumours, rumours, rumours. Rumours are not just worthless, they are at best counter productive and sometimes just downright irresponsible. Face masks are equally pointless unless you're a health worker in direct contact with a patient. Rumours + face masks = Fear. Pack it in!

david.jorm (11 posts) • 0

Let's hope the hamdemic doesn't become an aporkalypse! It's YOUR fault for eating meat and thereby sustaining close human husbandry with pigs, an activity which has no other purpose than to sustain an inhumane industry of slaughter. You get what's coming.

Portraiteer (1 post) • 0

To nnoble, these aren't rumors. It was in the newspaper from May 3rd, all you have to do is pick it up and read it.

six residents of Yunnan went to Mexico for a vacation, came back on the same flight (Mexico city to Shanghai) as a guy who had H1N1. The guy who had H1N1 continued on to Hong Kong. I guess the good news is there have been no cases reported in the mainland thus far.

What would I have to gain by lying to someone on the internet?

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