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anybody? my friend has been told by her 'doctor' that she'll need surgery for lower back pain. ridiculous.

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I cured my back pain myself. Back pain has become a hot topic at the moment. Doctors are now realizing that pain killers provide little relief and can be addictive. They now recommend exercise. I also read that there are almost no cases that surgery has shown to improve, you are right to think it is not needed.
A few years ago I had crippling back pain, but I found an old (1970s) YMCA back exercise video program, for back pain sufferers. It started really gently, and I had noticeable improvement in 3 days and a big improvement in a week. I no longer have the video, but there are several videos on youtube.
From my own experience I recommend exercise highly.

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Tigertiger, yep certain exercises are whats needed. I was a mess with back pain last year. Had about 5 sessions with a physio, he taught me what i needed to do. after about6 weeks i felt great. I need to do the exercises regularly though.

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You don't really need a physio. The exercises in the videos are so low impact that you cannot harm yourself. I would point your friend to the videos, and if she does not speak English, you can help her until she can follow the vids on her own.

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