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patygarcial (1 post) • +2

Hi all,

I currently live in Shanghai and looking forward to move to Kunming.
I'm trying to search the best option about where to study and live?

I've found KUST(Kunming University of Science and Technology) but their phones are out of service and they don't reply my emails. Does someone know what is happening or do you have any advice for me?

I would really appreciate your reply!!


Dazzer (2813 posts) • +1

shanghai ;-) but seriosly shanghai. phones out of service and emails not answered pretty much sums up kunming

Claire- (6 posts) • +1

Almost every university in Kunming has its language school. It's just that they don't reply to emails fast. Last time I sent an email to a university, and it took two weeks for me to get a reply. The best option would be to visit the office directly once you get to Kunming.

rainfly1 (15 posts) • 0

There are a lot of universities in ChengGong district. I will move to Kunming next year. I have worked 10 years in Beijing and Guangzhou, I'm tired

you can keep in touch with me,
My wechat ID: rainfly003

Gil Jiang (1 post) • +1

hi, dear, I know a good university, my friends also study, their teacher is good. If you want know more details just fell free contact me,


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