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Any tattooist/good tattoo shop in town?

Rbssna (1 post) • 0

I have never tried tattoo before but I would like to have some on my body now.
I'm just wondering if there is any good professional tattooist/tattoo shop based in town?
What is the location and the price?Any advices/suggestions would be appreciable.
Thank you.

Dennis K. (16 posts) • 0

Hey, theres a bunch tattoo shops around the town, the cheapest one is keep faith tattoo at north area theres a kid who can do cool oldskool stuff hes wechat id is K1s_SJ, and theres another more famous and professional tattoo studio in downtown called ANTI TATTOO the guys there a rockers who love american style oldskool tattoos its more expensive but they can do it good his wechat id is YC646709202, or you can add me first my id is acidsabbath. and don't try to look at random tattoo shops the most of them are suck and they just can do some chinese shitty tatts

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