English corners in kunming

goldy (2 posts) • 0

Can somebody give an update on where english corners are around the city. I heard there is one at green lake hotel but when? Im from Australia and looking to make some new friends .

goldy (2 posts) • 0

I Can't see the latest threads. These posts are years old. Ill send updated info when I confirm which ECs are still running

cRayWise (5 posts) • 0

Ok... these are years old... Are some of these English Corner sessions still happening?

Any smoke free?

I've recently arrived in Kunming and thought I'd visit and enjoy the local conversations... I'm from usa...

NAT99 (4 posts) • 0

I heard about the hostel Upland, there on the second floor there is billiards, beer and food. People from all over the world are stopping, the Chinese come to talk in English,..There is the place, where you can smoke near lake with red fish

Dazzer (2807 posts) • +4

if people come up to me to practice their english, while i am trying to sit with my coffee, it really annoys me. i sure i am not the only person who feels that way

Liumingke1234 (3233 posts) • -2

Maybe there should be an English corner at Salvador's. It would bring in more business, no? It could just be a small section of the place designated as English corner .

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