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New Schengen visa center to open in Kunming

JanJal (999 posts) • 0

Aww - I've only contributed with father's perspective to child birth and adult male circumcision in local hospitals... neither probably top priorities for arrivals new or old :(

Well there is this thread. And to stay on that topic, below are countries currently having their visa application needs for Yunnan served in the center in the same floor.

With their own offices:
UK, Ireland, Canada.

Jointly in shared office space:
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden.

Curve ball with South Africa there.

Ocean (1154 posts) • 0

Is it right that if you get a Shengen visa through country A, you have enter the Shengen area through country A? And exit from there too? Or can you, say, get an Irish Shengen visa but land/enter in France and then leave from Norway??

lemon lover (860 posts) • +1

Theoretically one should enter via the issuing country. In practice they don’t take it that strict but might ask for an itinerary that shows that you will not attempt to stay there (Illegally or as refugee). Just state that your plans have changed since you got the visa or that ticket to the entering country are cheaper then to the issuing country.
Leaving is never a problem.

tigertigerathome (84 posts) • 0

The other thing I would say is, don't make fixed plans (flights, hotel deposits) for visits to the UK after October 31st. If UK does go through with BREXIT and leave the EU it is uncertain that the Schengen visa will be accepted for entry to the UK.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

Actually Schengen visas have never been accepted for the UK. It's not part of the Schengen area. Chinese people need two visas for a European trip that includes the UK. And Ireland is not in the Schengen area either because of its common travel area agreement with the UK.

JanJal (999 posts) • +1

Actually the regulations on applying for Schengen visa state, that you are supposed to apply it for the country which is the main destination for your visit - not the country of entering.

This effectively rules out the assumption that you need to enter via the issuing country.

If you plan to visit multiple countries with equally long stays, and therefore cannot determine which is the main destination, you can just pick one that is most convenient for you to apply for and claim it as your main destination even if you arrive via a different country.

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