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New Schengen visa center to open in Kunming

JanJal (1197 posts) • +1

I recently found that several European countries will open a joint new visa center in Kunming in April.

I was advised from my consulate in Beijing, that the address and opening day will be confirmed in couple of weeks.

This should help those of us, who are married with locals and need to apply for visa for them.

We for example previously had to go to the nearest co-operating consulate in Chongqing to get my wife's Schengen visa.

Visa centers will be opened in total 13 new cities in China (at least for my home country).

JanJal (1197 posts) • 0

The Joint Visa Application Centre is in Beichen, on way from Beijing Lu to Metro, in that VC mall & house complex.

1502A, Building 5, Xindulongcheng, No. 1079 Beijing Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

It is operated by VFS Global and their function is to accept visa applications that are then sent to actual consulates for processing.

JanJal (1197 posts) • 0

As the service is outsourced to this VFS Global company, it probably depends on which countries have a deal with this specific service provider.

I recommend to go to their website http://www.vfsglobal.com/

and then in the left-side menu (below language selection) choose the country you want to go, and look for China as country of residence. If China does not appear on the list, I guess it means there is no service by VFS Global.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

Thanks. Took me a while to note that "China" appears on the list under "P" for "P.R.China"

JanJal (1197 posts) • +6

The Joint Visa Application Center that used to be in Beichen, is now relocated to an office building at intersection of Shibo Road and Bojin Avenue.

New address:
1501D, Building A, Low Carbon Business Center, No. 12 Shibo Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province 650000 China


cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +2

Thanks Jan. I have a suggestion for the new editor - a regularly updated FAQs and Howto page with addresses of consulates, hospitals and other public buildings, utilities and so on. Maybe there's too much work involved in keeping it up to date but it's worth thinking about.

GoKunming (162 posts) • +3

It's something that's in the planning: a series of 'How to...' articles for FAQ, especially for new arrivals or for red tape things that regularly change. The articles can be commented on if new info needs to be added and we can update as needed. Hospitals etc are in the listings but we can make a 'How to...' article that includes links to all of them and a brief description, where they are located etc for quick overview. Thanks!

GoKunming (162 posts) • 0

If anyone wants to volunteer a 'How to... ' article that would also be much appreciated! Say if you have recently gone through a work permit extension, or got your driving license for instance.

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