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Stores for golf goods

PulJay (3 posts) • 0

I m travelling to kunming china for a brief stay. I am looking for a place to buy golf related stuff(like golf bags and accessories). I am staying at kunming jinjiang hotel, so any place near that will be good.

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • 0

I am surprised you consider Kunming a good place to buy anything. I saw your other post. China is not a cheap place to buy certain 'luxury' goods. Certainly not computers.
For golf type gear, computers, cameras and a lot of other things, Shanghai and Beijing are much cheaper, and you are more likely to get the genuine product. Golf is still very much a millionaires sport in China. A membership to even a non ranked course used to cost 50+ thousand USD. Maybe less after the corruption crackdown.
For Tech products there are many cheaper places in Asia, than mainland China.

Alexez (343 posts) • 0

There is a golf course near Dianchi lake ( ridiculously expencive ) with shop in main building ( ****** ) . Speak of Big cities, Shenzhen is not cheap either but u can get only a Pro stuff there. I remember I was looking at 8 iron from Ping around 3000rmb. Just told to a seller thats the price for what Ive sold all my 10 clubs ( also Ping, just old ones ) incl bag, back home :-)

As tiger says, Golf is a millionares sport here.

Electronics as u mentioned in other post, go to Shenzhen ( if u need to stay in mainland ) Hua Qiang Bay. It is entire block of el.stuff .

michael2015 (644 posts) • 0

Many of the sports stadiums in and around Kunming have driving ranges and several retail golf stores, which can fully cater to your consumer needs - from clubs, bags, shoes, to the smaller accessories, such as tees, balls, towels, ball cleaners, and wire brushes, although NOT as diverse as western pro shops.

As noted, prices will of course be premium - but everything's negotiable. As for genuine versus knockoff - let the buyer beware, but Chinese knockoffs, to include fake brands, are generally pretty sturdy and reliable - but as with all things - helps if you "know" someone, so you don't get caught buying self-destructing knock-offs.

If you had more time and resources, online purchases (taobao, jd.com, etc) can help reduce cost and also tell you the general going rates for both genuine clubs and their related knock-offs.

Good luck and enjoy.

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