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Kayaking on Nujiang

b galipeau (43 posts) • 0

Last Descents still has active trips on the Nujiang for sure but I think they have been catering more to Chinese clients as of late, which is why the website is out of date. Great company and people though so contact them directly for sure as Dan recommended.

beizhan (37 posts) • 0

Thanks for the Links. Tried to contact this Travis from Lastdescents. I remember I contacted this guy about three years back already.
Never got a response. Also this time nothing but silence.....These guys do not seem to be business minded at all.
Someone got another contact number/Email?

b galipeau (43 posts) • 0

Try the Chinese website. It's actually up to date and has some other email addresses like info@lastdescents.com along with a booking inquiry form. Like I said, more and more of their clientele are Chinese these days so that's the webpage they keep updated I think.

dammy (2 posts) • 0


I spoke to travis a week or two ago and i think he should be organising a trip in january. I imagine the end of january.

Be patient, he seems to be a pretty busy guy.

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