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Kunming FRAUD

EricLove (9 posts) • 0

Address: No.333, Xiaokang avenue,Wuhua district, Kunming, China.


It actually looked very plausible. Even my interpreter, who has experience and permanently lives in the North of China, did not notice anything. He had his suspicions, I drowned them out myself, my greed is to blame :)))

Ishmael (463 posts) • -1

Would be interesting to know the approximate extent of the fraud, in terms of money.

EricLove (9 posts) • -1

Relatively little of course.
$ 2,000 in cigarettes
2800$ transfer
the rest of the cost is hotels, flights, visas, translator, accommodation. There were two trips. All together about $ 12,000.
I never really figured it out. It's just an experience, albeit a sad one, but an experience.

cloudtrapezer (740 posts) • 0

If they only conned you out of five thousand bucks the cops might not pursue it beyond keeping a record. If it had been a few tens of thousands they would definitely go after them. But if you're no longer here it's going to be difficult to report it. Can't really see what their motive was. Was there a bigger sting coming up?

EricLove (9 posts) • 0

I also thought what's the point to pull on the little things, to conduct a long correspondence, spend time, etc. Then when I found this forum, I understood that us many and imagine , that they set this on the flow of. Cigarettes give up again and return the money and money transfers. Especially the amount is not large, so that the police are not interested. Here, as they say, the main thing— the number.

Ishmael (463 posts) • 0

Well, $12,000 is little or not little depending on one's situation. If it happened to me I can't say what I'd do, but I'd certainly be royally pissed off. So if you're sure of your case, I hope you slam these guys in any way you can - there are so many ways, both legal and illegal, through which people get screwed.

"As through this world I've traveled
I've met lots of funny men.
Some rob you with a six-gun,
Some with a fountain pen."

- Woody Guthrie, ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd

(Note: Floyd's problem was with the banks, but still...)

EricLove (9 posts) • +1

English: :), well I have already entered the Zen state :))))
A year has passed, I let go of the situation and attributed to the experience.
I just recently looked at the forum and saw that people still fall or begin to interfere. So I decided to show the photo, let them know. If it saves one, it's done.

Chris73 (8 posts) • 0


Many people got cheated by those frauds in the past 2-3 or maybe more years. If you have pics, evidence and stuff, please get in touch with me by PM. I am happy to forward it to my Embassy contacts, Chambers of Commerce and especially to Chinese Embassies abroad. Time to shut those guys down for good!

EricLove (9 posts) • 0

Hello, the fact of the matter is that there is nothing, or rather difficult to prove. Contracts are real, firms and seals are real. A real Bank account. We checked on a special website. You buy gifts voluntarily and give them to them. No one forces:)))) the Trick is that people like to buy them and give supposedly people from the administration, so it looks like a bribe and deceived themselves afraid that they will be misunderstood. Then at the very end, when you send them a translation from the homeland, it's on Western Union, sent to a private person. You can't prove anything either. You send it voluntarily. And not to fulfill the terms of the contract, they have the right to cancel the contract, referring to the changed plans, also do not show anything.

So it's useless. At the very beginning, back in the mid-2000s , when the boom of this type of fraud began, it caught large companies from the US and Europe, not that now, small firms. Even they couldn't do anything, or they would have been covered long ago. I think the Embassy is useless to apply. China is not such a country, it will protect its own to the last. I also held consultations with my colleagues who have been doing business with the Chinese for many years. I won't speak for everyone, but it's my own fault.

That's why I didn't prove anything. In addition to these photos there is nothing. The contracts I have been destroyed out of spite :))).
Witness my adventures, translator, he's somewhere in China.

Your post, as I have described above, I wanted people to have time to read to all the nonsense.
Good luck!!!

EricLove (9 posts) • 0

There's only one way, is to go back to Kunming, find these people on baitfish, and punish them. I tried to do it, my translator went to these places, they do not immediately return. It is necessary to live in this city. They don't even live in this town . And maybe they're touring. And continuously changing methods of deception and activity.

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