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Kunming FRAUD

AlPage48 (1084 posts) • +1

That stuff is "made in China". Nobody is going to import it and pay import duties.
It's a scam that has been reported before.

tigertiger (4792 posts) • +1

Are you a small independent company? If the answer is yes, why would companies be contacting you for imports?
If you have never done business in China before, it is not really a market for the uninitiated.

Elena Maioglio (3 posts) • 0

Hi, we are a company based in Italy, we select and produce italian handcrafted products for architecture and design project. From venetian glass to carrara marble, we source and customize each product and then we sell to europe and California. We don't get much request from China

michael2015 (572 posts) • 0

There are several legal groups that advertise on this website. If you're serious - suggest you contact the attorneys, negotiate and pay the retainer, and execute legal due diligence with the targeted firm and representative. Then - do all the transactions through the attorney firm (except for money things - assume you know how to use escrow mechanisms).

AlexKMG (2352 posts) • 0

It's a fraud. Follow the advice of others and do not engage. Otherwise, in a few months you'll be posting in this thread again about how you were told to buy a few thousand euros of cigarettes and liquor to secure a contract from a company that disappeared. Seems they really like targeting small Italian architecture and design firms. Why is that? Because of past success? Are Italians far too trusting in biz? Or are Italian small companies desperate for business?

mhuk2018 (1 post) • 0

Hi all, just to warn you, we've been having ongoing negotiations with someone posing as "Yunnan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd." asking for silicone rubber moulded parts. We quoted and they sent a sketchy letter of intent signed and stamped by the CEO. The email addresses used are Kunmingdiqi@vip.163.com and


Their contact info is: Yunnan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd.

Mr.Wang Qiang / Purchasing and supply Manager
Mobile 0086-17739133056
Office Number:0086-871-65369653

The phone number is the same one that Elena Maioglio posted on this thread a few days ago - they were posing as Yunnan City Investment Group on her thread.

Thanks to this thread we are now going to assume this is a scam. Thank you guys.

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