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Dropbox not working?

Mandrake (129 posts) • 0

Has anyone noticed that as of today Dropbox is now blocked in Kunming, maybe even China? Does anyone else use dropbox, and is experiencing this problem? I can get on with a VPN, but without it, dropbox seems to be a no go website.

Mandrake (129 posts) • 0

It's kind of annoying the "great" Chinese firewall. I use it to share files with my students, now that it is blocked I need another alternative.

Does anyone know of a Chinese equivalent to dropbox?

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

it's not an alternative to dropbox, but QQ allows you to send very large files.

Mandrake (129 posts) • 0

Yeah I am familiar with QQ's file transfer. But the problem is files are stored for only 7 days on their servers. I need more of a long term cloud storage and file sharing system.

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

I've had trouble with drop box for the past week. Google drive works even less often. About the only one that works 90% of the time is Microsoft One drive. Sometimes there is a significant delay(5 to 10 minutes) before it starts working, especially when trying to upload files.

When Windows Update and OS X update don't even connect I really wonder what they are thinking.... They even block or significantly slow down update servers for Linux... all 0.0001% of the population that uses it... Although they are probably targeting servers in that case.

Mandrake (129 posts) • 0

The whole idea behind it is to block terrorists from communicating on the internet, according to a Chinese news report my wife told me about.

If the terrorists really want to communicate, they will always find a way. Cutting of 90% of the internet won't help.

Mandrake (129 posts) • 0

So I tried onedrive, which worked fine, but now that also seems to be blocked. Maybe time to give kanbox a try.

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