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Anyone aware of any Brazilian jiu-jitsu or mixed martial arts classes in Kunming, preferably in the north? If so please share instructor contact details. Thanks in advance.

Forums > Living in Kunming > volleyball

I see this is an old thread, would like to renew it to see if anyone knows where to play volleyball currently in Kunming


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Useful article, I see you made mention of the bus and metro cards not being interchangeable. It would be great once more info on this is available that the article be updated. I was actually going to ask if the current bus cards could be used with the metro, as there is a picture of the metro on the card.

As a side note, the pictures are great, but on Firefox they cut into the text on the right, obscuring it. i.e. the classifieds and the comments section on the right of the page. Just thought I would mention this.


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