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Nightlife 9:00pm 40 yuan

The Drop Vol.28 f/Crown Duels + De$ignated

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The latest Drop Vol 28 @ vervo features a star studded cast consisting of Nima Bazrcarast. Expect to hear brand new mixes from London-based House and Garage production duo De$ignate & Rory Bowyer.

Not quite content with only two producers we added another two to the mix in the form of rising UK duo Crown Duels who have been picking up support from Radio 1′s B.Traits and are now releasing tracks on Virgin Records.

With Sochi love in all the headlines we had to make this Drop an international event. French DJ and producer Oshi described by RA (resident advisor) as "...a rare talent that can afford to play what people will only dare to play after tomorrow" will be bringing his signature sounds to the party.

Not forgetting to include local KM talent DJ Cartoon will be honing his skills alongside the international stars.

All in all that is a total of 5 producers from the UK and France respectively and an up and coming local talent. Expect to hear a wide variety of sounds ranging from future garage, house, tropical to trap and moombah.

March 1st, vervo club & bar. The Drop Vol.28

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Vervo Club & Bar • 71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side)