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Breathing and Imagination


Welcome to the exhibition of Wu Zilin, a young and dynamic artist whose work blurs the boundaries between photography and performance art. Born in 2001 in Neijiang, Sichuan, Wu graduated from Yunnan Arts University and now calls Kunming his home. His work, a compelling fusion of photography, performance and mixed materials, has garnered attention from prestigious institutions such as the Tsinghua Art Museum, as well as private collectors.

Fresh from his graduation in art photography, Wu has embarked on an artistic journey that seeks to create a dialogue between image and performance. His energetic approach to art sees him often engaged in performance art while simultaneously capturing the moment through his lens. This unique practice transforms both photography and performance into a singular form of artistic expression and life experience.

This exhibition invites you to explore Wu Zilin's innovative approach to art, where each piece serves as a testament to his creative journey and his continuous exploration of the relationship between image and performance.

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