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杯盏之间 • Wine & Tea – Cups & Glasses


The 6th event of [中意你|Kunming-Italia]“杯盏之间 • Wine & Tea - Cups & Glasses” is approaching!

The theme of the event is going to focus on wine and tea, two products typical and representative respectively of Italy and China ( especially Yunnan – one of the most important tea producing regions in the country ).
When you stop and think about it, wine and tea have a lot in common. Indeed, there is probably not better way to explain wine to tea expert consumers and lovers than via the analogy with tea, and vice versa.

They are both beverages carefully produced from their respective crops. The location, soil and weather all influence the crops, and together with the makers’ skills and production techniques they create unique versions of the same beverages. They also both share a long history and have meaningful habits and rituals connected to when and how people drink them, traditions that are particularly deep-rooted in countries like China and Italy.

During our next event, after enjoying a brief tea ceremony, we would like to go through most of these similarities together, thanks to the contributions of two experts respectively of tea – TaeTea Teahouse, and wine – Shawn Zhao, Italian wine distributor (Il Vino Trading Co., Ltd.). During their interesting presentations, they will lead us through the comparisons between tea and wine from the points of view of history, geography, classification, environment, production, habits and traditions, etc.. All this while enjoying a guided tasting of two varieties of Pu’er tea (one raw and one ripe), and two varieties of Italian wine (one white and one red).

As a special bonus for the participants, there will also be a selection of wine and tea available for purchase on site at a special price!

The event “杯盏之间 • Wine & Tea - Cups & Glasses” is supported by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.

The group [中意你|Kunming-Italia] was born in Kunming in 2021, initiated by Xinyi, a Chinese girl who has lived and studied in Italy for 11 years, and Sara, an Italian girl who has been living in China for almost 9 years.

The monthly sharing events are meant to give everybody a chance to get to know each other and meanwhile learn a little more about both Chinese and Italian culture.
With the monthly events we mainly aim to create a community and bring together Italians who are living in Kunming and Chinese who lived/studied in Italy and are now back in Kunming. We also warmly welcome anyone who is interested in the culture and language of both countries to join our events and learn more about it.

Address: TaeTea Tea House - No.3196 Jinyuan Avenue, Guandu District, Kunming (昆明市官渡区金源大道3196号)

Early bird ( valid till Sunday Oct 17th ): 75rmb;

Full Price ( from Monday Oct 18th ): 95rmb
Registrations are limited
WeChat ID for registration: Sara_Zago

Don't miss it, come join us!

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