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Funk Up Yo Friday


醉龟酒吧 - 星期五 - Funk up yo friday
这周五在醉鬼,一夜的Disco, Funk, Soul, Groove!昆明最美丽最高(兴)a女主唱爱丽跟她的sexy house band带来半夜Disco set!还有来自纽约的DJ Chaofun昆明站!深夜DJ Gong会让你蹦到天亮!不要错过!这周五醉龟要炸!This Friday at Turtle Bar! A night of groove to FUNK UP YO FRIDAY! Alli and the G's will be bringin a midnight disco funk set that will be one for the ages. Also All the way from New York, DJ Chaofun's first show ever in Kunming, with a mix of all those disco tunes you know and love! DJ Gong will bring in the late night grooves as well! Don't miss a ragin night at the Turtle bar and funk up yo friday!

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