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For Autism·Charity Art Exhibition


【14:00-19:00,everyone can get TWO large designated draughts for FREE!】
活动当天的画展时间 出光合作用纹身师会展出为本次活动的画作以及自闭症儿童的作品。
At the exhibition time on the day of the event, tattooists will display the paintings of the event and the works of autistic children.
摄影、设计区Photography and design area
The photography area is the work of photographers.
And independent posters designed by independent designers for the event。
涂鸦区Graffiti area
Writer doodles on the spot.
手作区Manual work area
Graffiti can be experienced at the scene. All friends at the scene complete a work together as a memorial of this activity. There are also hand-painted T-shirts and environmental protection bags。

A movie is a movie,

and every family with autism has a hard time.
Six months after Hu Qiwen was born, he was found stereotyped behavior,
In 2006, he was diagnosed with autism.

Under a lot of pressure,

his mother suffered from depression and his father was declared to have cancer.
The originally happy family of three are sick.
But autism is just the beginning of the story,
The parents, in great pain and mental torment,
Four-year-old Qi Wen's mood began to deteriorate,
Pick up the paper to tear, see things on the smash.
Strong parents don't let life bring them down,
They like to tear paper and like Chinese characters, and his father thinks,
How can help rip paper guide into a better situation,
Therefore, under the guidance of parents' careful company, he developed the unique skill of tearing Chinese characters by hand.

We are very glad that we invited Hu Qiwen and his mother to share with us in this activity. We hope that through our little action, we can influence more people to pay attention to and help this group.

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