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About the event:

DeepSide is a dance party focusing on groove and rhythm. Because of its love for House Minimal Techno and other styles, it strives to share more rich, restrained, and profound high-quality music with you. We strive to create an inclusive and friendly dancing environment so that everyone can enjoy dancing and have fun here.

DJ Bios:

DJ LiuLiu

LiuLiu, the founder of Phoenix Bar/ Kashmir Club in Dali who planned and co-hosted a number of outdoor parties in Yunnan Province, China.

LiuLiu promotes dance music culture and rave activities, devotes himself to transmitting the idea of enjoying music and love.

He is keen on the expression of improvisation and mixing of different styles of music, showing the composition of different scenes and spaces, and shuttling between reality, dreams and time.

No Order

No Order comes from Kunming. He is active in underground music scenes all across the country. Spreading sound and emotions, he always hopes to explore more funny and diverse music from House and Techno to Electro and Breaks, IDM…

No Order is also the initiator of the "DeepSide" party. The elements interwoven in industry and fantasy and the subtly changing note tracks have endowed music with abundant imagination space and controlled the delicate changes of the dance floor and moods. And the party experiences teeming with mysteries link everyone on the dance floor with music.

DJ Gong

Good at rhythm full house mixed with some psychedelic tech-house elements, pay attention to music and timbre, he can release a variety of sets on the scene. He has always believed that a good set is to pay attention to emotional changes and seize the music that everyone wants most. Therefore, during his two years of playing experience, Gong is tolerant of different music, which makes him grow up quickly and be praised by underground electronic clubs all over the world.

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