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The collision between DJ Kenanjun, who is active in Shanghai, and Dali's visual design / VJ Melaka create a certain charm and texture, and become a direct art and cultural exploration behavior, which is named “Texture".

Kenanjun is responsible for the collection and performance of sound, while Melaka is responsible for the discovery and decomposition of visual art. They have been immersed in electronic dance music for a long time, and both like various modern forms of artistic expression, but they are attracted by the long-standing tradition and folk customs, and natural environment.

The destination plan for this activity is limited to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chongqing regions in Southwest China. Because of respect for the unique culture and ecology of Southwest China, as well as the unique music and totem of ethnic minorities in this area, they want to carry out practical exploration as they can only find the "texture" by putting themselves in the place!

It's a long-term exploration plan, and it's open-ended. They want more people to participate in the discovery. This time, they will do two performances in Guiyang and Kunming. Kenanjun will mix all kinds of recorded sounds and then releases them with the atmosphere of the scene, creating chaotic and contradictory low rhythms, and weaving sound patterns in an unknown time.

Melaka has used totem patterns from Miao Nationality for Guiyang flyer, while the flyer of Kunming is an anti-color version of the tie-dye pattern from Bai nationality. The visual presentation of the scene will also be experimental, creating in real-time with emotions from the music.

They hope this plan can grow organically, naturally remain independent and experimental, and then gradually accumulate and share with everyone.

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