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Green Screening Series September


Green Screening Series September is ON. This month it features an inspiring and fun documentary film on natural farming. A testament to the immense complexity of nature, the film The Biggest Little Farm follows two dreamers and a dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and the land. A badass local farmer and dreamer Siyue Wang has dedicated his life to natural farming and sending a positive message that farming without using any ugly plastic hoop houses and toxic chemicals is not just possible but profitable. We are honored to have him sharing his journey and insights in traditional farming. Following the film, there will be rainbow rice dyeing hands-on activity using natural plants.

Donations are welcome but not required, all proceeds will go to Blue Sheep social enterprise in Chengdu. DM to sign up.

九月份绿色放映正式启动,欢迎踊跃报名。本月,我们会播放一部非常鼓舞人心且有趣的关于自然农法的影片。影片我家有个开心农场,讲述一对疯狂夫妇只为了坚持对爱狗的承诺,索性去乡下开农场!本片历时十年追踪,跟着这两位疯狂的梦想家和他们的爱狗,远赴乡间打造出与自然和谐共存,物种多样的开心农场。这期我们很荣幸邀请了另外一位超级疯狂梦想家王思越,用10余年的时间在昆明打造了昆明版开心农场。届时,他会分享他一路专注于自然农法的心路历程。影片结束后,我们给大家精心准备了有趣的用植物染料染彩虹米活动。 本活动可自愿捐赠,捐赠款项将全部用于成都岩羊手工礼品店的运营资金。请私信报名。

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