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Nightlife Nov 15 – Nov 17 Free entry

The Turtle Club Presents: Enchanted Forest


Starting on Novermber 15th, those who come to the turtle must be prepared to enter a magical realm of unending mystery. This land is the Enchanted Forest. On Thursday, the door formerly leading to the turtle club will become a portal to the glowing enchanted forest. Where once stood bartenders now stand potion mixing warlocks, waiters once roamed between tables, fairies now roam through the trees. where once stood DJs now stand spiritual gurus, ready to guide you on our journey through the forest. Come and experience the magic!
Starting on thursday we will enter the woods and journey deeper into the center of the forest every night

Thursday: Enter the forest

Techno and House with DJ's ZXZ, DC, and Major Tom
Friday: BASS NIGHT with the Guillotine Bass Crew (2sweet5, Chen, Max, Rina)

Saturday: Psychedelic Depths with Psycho Boy, A-Z, Yerik, and Key

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