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1: does anybody know a place to buy tickets in person, not online? I just got here and i don't have a working bank card yet, and my chinese reading is terrible so,id rather not deal with buying them online

2: transportation? i know the public bus goes out there but it doesn't run late enough to bring people back after the show. anybody have suggestions for someone without a car on the best way to get there and back?


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mask is a place you go if you just want to dance all night to dope DJs. @williamBlake do you seriously think your friends got brutally beaten "just for being laowai"? that doesn't happen to the many of foriegners who go to Kundu all the time who dont act like assholes. the only foreigners who get beat up at kundu are way too drunk, aggressively hitting on girls who don't want them, and speak shit chinese. every story i story i have heard about foreigners getting beat up in kundu starts with them being a assholes. i hope your friends learned their lesson and stay away in the future


I had real good time at the back to school party here. Its a great place to,meet people and wow they put a lot of booze in those drinks