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Shalanaya 预热派对 Preparty


To prepare you for Shanghai's upcoming music festival 2018 Shalanaya Open Air Music Festival, Goa Productions are throwing Yunnan's one and only Preparty on September 15. at Big Fish in Chenggong!

GoaProductions invites two international main acts: Bom Shanka Music's Simon Pieman and Goaproductions' very own Dj Suddha - Tom to hit the decks, together with GoaProductions' psychonaught Satori Snooks and YuanQi's Space Ghost to take you through a night of pounding beats and psychedelic goodness! The mind-warping visuals of Infinite Bizarre and Crystal Cortex will take over the Trancefloor and open portals to your inner world!

Shalanaya brings both local and international line-up on two stages: The Main Stage will blast your ears with days and night of psytrance, techno and tech-house, and our famous Chillout Stage lets you relax with ambient, psybient, tribal and world music. This year we'll see GoaProductions' Atoned Splendor and Suddha as well as Trinity at the decks!

The stage is set - connect with China's Psyfam and get ready for what is to come at Shalanaya in September!

Entry 30 RMB at the door!


我们邀请了两位主要的国际艺人Pieman和Suddha与GoaProductions的精神病学家Satori Snooks和YuanQi的Space Ghost一起登上甲板,带你度过充满善良与迷幻节拍的一晚! 无限魔力堂和Crystal Cortex的令人惊叹的视觉效果将接管整个空间并打开您的内心世界!

Shalanaya在两个舞台带来了本土和国际的阵容:主舞台将日夜迸发出Psytrance,Techno和Tech-house,而我们着名的Chillout舞台让您在氛围、灵魂、部落和世界音乐中放松身心。今年我们将在演出中看到GoaProductions的Atoned Splendor和Suddha以及Trinity!

舞台布景 – 连接中国的Psyfam,为9月份在Shalanaya的活动做好准备!

♪┏(°.°)┛┗(°.°)┓┗(°.°)┛┏(°.°)┓ ♪

♪┏(°.°)┛┗(°.°)┓┗(°.°)┛┏(°.°)┓ ♪

.・゜゜・LINE UP阵容・゜゜・.
Simon Pieman (Bom Shanka Music / Broken Records)
Dj Suddha - Tom (Goa Productions)
Satori Snooks (Goa Productions)
Space Ghost (Goa Productions)

Crystal Cortex

.・゜゜・DETAILS 内容・゜゜・.
Shalanaya Preparty
Saturday, September 15. 2018 2018年9月15日周六
大鱼 Big Fish
Big Fish Club, 1 F Mana Culture
opposite of Gate 1 of Kunming
Chenggong University

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Big Fish Bar • Across Jingming Lu from Gate 1 of the Science and Technology University (Chenggong campus)