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Crate Run

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Crate Run=Crate Fun!

Join barfly's annual Crate Run! Great way to get out of town and spend a day in nature!

Two People carry a crate of beer over a distance of app. 3 km. All beer must be consumed until the finish line.

BBQ by Sapore/Cantina afterwards.
(includes oven roasted rabbit, oven roasted chicken legs, sausages, olives and pickles, canneloni, Sheperd's pie, beetroot salad, ricotta cake, cheese panino, pears in syrup)

Crate run ticket includes transportation from barfly and back, crate run T-shirt, half a crate of beer, Pretzels and the BBQ!)
don't miss out on the best day of the year!

Tickets available at Cantina and Barfly

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Barfly • Sujiatang Cun, Yunlifang Xiaoqu. building 3-4 store 1 room 4

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