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Live music 9:30pm 50 yuan

Cure-A-Phobia Swedish Experimental Jazz/Folk


”What do you get if you mix Kate Bush with circus-cabaret music and free jazz? The Malmö band Cure-a-Phobia is a possible answer to that question” – Ralph Bretzer, Skånska dagbladet

… Everyone is afraid of something. Some are afraid of big spiders, some wide spaces, and others elevators.
Cure-a-Phobia decided one day to stop worrying and to curiously explore the uncomfortable: a pair of too tight shoes, a note askew, or maybe an odd meter that makes you lose your balance. They were delighted to find that what is awry and wintering also can be beautiful. They simply couldn’t help but to throw themselves into it…

Jenny Nilsson: Lead vocals and songwriting

Fanny Gunnarsson: Piano, accordion and vocals

Elina Nygren: Viola and musical saw

Daniel Cederskär: Bass clarinet

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