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Dining & Drinks 7:30pm Free entry

Kunming Craft Beer Society Monthly Meetup


And you though it was just wine that paired with food? Nope. Beer too. In fact one might argue that there is a wider variety of flavours in beer, making for more versatile and interesting food pairings. How can you enjoy seafood or a curry without beer? Is Harbin really the best beer to go with Chinese food? What beer goes well with BBQ? What kind of beer will NOT cool your mouth after a fiery hot pot? Find out at this month's Kunming Craft Beer Society meetup!

Anyone can attend for free and everything is presented in both Chinese and English. The only rule is that everyone buys at least 1 beer from the bar.

More information at kunmingbeer.org/september-2015-meetup/

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Fun Town Coffee • 1 Zhonghe Xiang, Cuihu Nan Lu