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Oil Paintings Exhibition


Return to Innocence and Searching for Truth - New Expression Studio: Exhibition of Teachers and
Graduate Students' Oil Paintings from Lugu Lake

New Expression Studio, School of Fine Art at Yunnan Arts University
Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum
Kunming Guanzhao Yuannian Cultural Communication Co., Ltd
Style Weekly

Curator: Gao Xiang
Academic Host: He Libin/Ma Ning

Artists: Gao Xiang, Bowa Gonggao, Huang Xin, Luo Fei, Gao Xiaoyan, Wang Xin, Li Haoyue, Zhu Dan, Zhou Fengyi, Li Yingyue, Ying Borui, Jia Yi, Gao Yifei.

Part I:
Opening Ceremony: 2014.12.12 10:30am
Exhibition Period: 2014.12.12—2014.12.19
Monday To Friday 9am—5pm
Location: Exhibition Hall at School of Fine Art at Yunnan Arts University

Part II:
Opening Ceremony: 2014.12.20 3pm
Exhibition Period: 2014.12.20—2015.1.5
Location: Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum

In mid-November of 2014, Professor Gao Xiang and his 11 graduate students from the New Expression Studio, School Of Fine Art at Yunnan Arts University, paid a visit to a village near the Lugu Lake. They stayed there for 10 days painting from nature,accompanied by a local Mosuo artist -  Bowa·Gonggao, an alumnus of Yunnan Arts University.

Moved by the simple Mosuo lifestyle and its natural landscape, 13 artists tried to use their brush to explore its abundant and vividcultural characteristics, and to refine their complex artistic expressions. Meanwhile, understanding Mosuo's traditional culture, drastic problems between ethnic culture and modern culture, original ecology and tourism exploitation were raised, and they take on a retrospective stand on artists' awkward position facing the diverse cultural realities and the disappearing nature. What can an artist do?

Maybe the only thing that painting from nature can bring is a reflection of here and now, in which resides the meaning of the painting trip and exhibition.

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