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Report: No cocaine in Kunming Red Bull

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Kunming consumers can rest assured: there is no cocaine in their Red Bull.

In the wake of yesterday's announcement by Taiwanese health authorities that they had found trace amounts of cocaine in Austrian-produced Red Bull Cola, Shenghuo Xinbao reporter Dan Xiaoling visited local Carrefour, Wal-Mart and PARKnSHOP outlets - all of which said they stock their shelves with China-made Red Bull products that contain no cocaine.

According to Dan, Red Bull sales at the Century Plaza Carrefour in downtown Kunming were "normal".

Image: news.kunming.cn

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WHAT?? Tell me what the hell I am to do now with the 2000 cans I have been stockpiling since yesterday?? Jesus Christ!!


thats the regular red bull pictured. Its the red bull COLA that has the trace amounts of cocaine.

Thanks Dan, the first sources we looked at didn't mention the cola - the error has been corrected.


if we want to be specific that looks like the red bull you get in the west. In Asia its a short, stumpy, gold coloured can. Isn't it?


People don't realize that Coca Cola ('Coke')'s first formula included cocaine! But, when the U.S. Government found out that people were having too much fun drinking it they made ('having fun') illegal!
So, C.C. replaced the cocaine with caffeine.

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