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Rock festival to debut alongside Dali Folk Festival

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This year's Dali Folk Festival (三月街民族节), already in its 19th year, will be joined for the first time by a rock festival featuring top rock bands from Kunming and Dali.

The rock festival, organized by the Hump Group, will take place at the main square of the Wu Miao Temple Complex on Bo Ai Road in Dali Old Town on April 10 and 11.

Bands scheduled to perform at the festival include Tribal Moons, Show Me, No Answer (aka 打死我也不说), Cash Boy and several Dali bands to be announced later. After the performances, DJs Lumberjack Jon, Siku and Da Ma Ke will provide additional music. Music begins at 9:00 both evenings.

Ticketing for the free festival will be done in a rather unorthodox manner: a 20 yuan deposit that is paid before the show and returned after the show. For more information about tickets call Annie at 15825276313.

Free transportation to Dali and back and accommodation for the two days has been provided for the first 100 people to get their tickets. A further twenty tickets have been marked out for free transportation without the accommodation.

The Dali Folk Festival itself will run from April 10 to April 16. Ethnic musicians, dancers and performers from all over the region will be involved in over 100 performances. The festival coincides with Dali's Third Moon Market (三月街), with scores of shops selling food, handicrafts, traditional Chinese medicines and more. A small clutch of booths also have their own little side shows.

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