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Around town: Panlong River Cruises resume

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Feeling hot? Why not take to the river to catch a cooling breeze.

As of yesterday, a 30-minute sightseeing cruise along the Panlong River can once again be enjoyed. Eight times a day the riverboat takes day-trippers along a two-kilometer stretch of the river. After a short-lived trial that started on December 26 of last year, the Panlong River Cruise was suspended for three months because of the Covid-19 epidemic and because of extremely low water levels.

The ideal water level for cruising the Panlong River would be 1.70m. Today it reaches just 1.20m, because of continuing drought in Yunnan. Due to the low water level the original five-kilometer route of the trial in December is not yet feasible.

The river has enjoyed a recent make-over when it was dredged and parks such as the waterfall park near Taoyuan Wharf were laid out, making the river once again a pleasant destination for a cruise as well as a stroll along it's banks.

The Waterfall Park in Panlong District
The Waterfall Park in Panlong District

Practical information

The trip is shorter and cheaper than the trial in December, due to water levels still being very low. It departs from Taoyuan (桃源) and the trip is about two kilometers long. The sailing time is 30 minutes and the fare is 20 RMB. Children under 1.20m can join the cruise for free.

There are eight trips a day, and two night trips will be added during the Labor Day holidays.

Please contact the cruise company for the latest information: WeChat ID gh_24e9665086f5

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And now they are back up and running again, after only one day of suspended services :)

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